Hello fellow OES lovers and friends,

I hope that everyone and their four-pawed buddies here in New England have survived or reveled in the winter snows and are ready for warmer weather filled with grass rolling, romps across open fields and stick chewing. Perhaps, your Sheepies will join in the fun!

Spring has finally sparkled into the season and the sun’s rays should now be laser focused right toward the famous NEOESR 2017 summer picnic at the Bancroft’s in Lebannon, CT. Sadly for NEOESR, the Bancrofts will be selling this OES paradise and moving to Florida shortly after this year’s picnic. We wish them well and sincerely thank them for all their support and hospitality over the last several years.

As a result of this move, this will be everyone’s last chance to visit and experience this wonderland of leash-less fields, wide open agility playgrounds, nature trails, paddleboats and the absolute enchantment of seeing your overjoyed Sheepies playing and floundering in and around the pond. So, look your wonderful four-footed friends right in the eyes, and then cancel any plans you may have for June 17. After all, what could be more important than giving your best friend(s) the pleasure of visiting with all their friends and seeing them enjoy this unique OES event of the year. Please get the cars tuned up, set the GPS toward Tobacco Road in Lebanon, CT and revel in an outdoor social media free day that promises to be fun for everyone.

As you anxiously await this momentous event, don’t forget to order on ebay this year’s picnic T-shirt that for the first time also comes in long sleeve. It features an original drawing of four Sheepies in the sun in the left upper side quadrant on a stylish gray colored t-shirt.

NEOESR is always looking to improve and seek new ways to help Sheepies out there who need to be rescued. The designer of our new website has been working diligently toward completing an entire revamp and update of the NEOESR website. I have seen the work in progress, and I promise that it is nothing short of spectacular. We are anxiously awaiting its review by the Board of Directors and its release. Every NEOESR member will be proud of its modern, classy and sophisticated look brimming with OES faces and information galore.

Speaking of rescued OES faces, we have not been seeing as many as in past years and have been getting an enormous amount of wonderful homes applying, but this could change overnight. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for any OES who may need our help and know that we will foster and place them in the best possible homes.

Although the winter has been quiet, our committees have continued to buzz, or should I say, bark, along. To keep up with everything that is happening and to be the recipient of what many consider one of the finest Rescue magazines in print, please make sure that your dues are paid up to date. Please also follow our wonderful Facebook page, which has become a second “home” to many. Also, don’t forget to send pictures and letters of your most precious OES moments along with birthday announcements to Nina Bohuslawsky (ninajames24@gmail.com) or Grannie Annie (grannie.annie@neoesr.org). We love to hear from old friends and new and let every member know how our past NEOESR graduates are doing.

Finally, as president I never want to miss an opportunity to say thank you to all the volunteers and donors who support NEOESR with their invaluable time and treasure to make this organization succeed. With your help from donations to Facebook, membership, placement, The Tale’s End, the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and all other committees and efforts, the lives of many people and wonderful dogs have been rescued and enriched.

Have a wonderful Spring, and don’t let your shaggy dog eat the daisies. I look forward to seeing everyone who can join us at the 2017 NEOESR picnic.